Tine Bruhn

Jazz Vocalist // Composer // Arranger

"NEARNESS" Album Reviews

It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to suggest that their [Bruhn and O’Neal] natural rapport is as affecting as Evans’ with Tony Bennett in the late 1970's. (Jazztimes)

“The Nearness of You,” from which the album title is drawn, is simply seven and a half minutes of bliss.  If an album can glow with light, this one does. (International Review of Music)


Despite taking different artistic paths, all three of these artists have arrived at a similar place where they can share their experiences and speak the same language freely; this state of nearness is the charm behind this album.


Organic and straight from the heart, this is "last call" jazz you would hear in some of the finest jazz venues in New York. Bruhn's tone and phrasing alone are a reharm that arrangers dream of. (criticaljazz.com)


Completely unassuming, yet drawing you into her world. (Jazz Weekly)


The three are at their best in a glorious version of “But Beautiful”, with a lovely opening eight bars for voice and tenor, beautifully-sculpted improvisations by tenor and piano, and an often-surprising vocal variation. Thankfully, the rest of the tracks maintain this high standard of taste and quality. Highly recommended.


"Nearness" is Album of the Week in Deep Roots Magazine!


Bruhn and O’Neal have made it easy to luxuriate in the lush joys of Nearness while also challenging the listener with new twists on familiar fare. This being her second album, Ms. Bruhn can be confident she avoided the vaunted sophomore slump with a strong followup to her 2009 debut, Entranced—the title of which pretty well describes the effect arising from an immersion in her Nearness performances.
(Deep Roots Magazine)


It's confounding, really, that anyone can be this mellifluous and yet so enticing, constantly alluring, keeping the listener soporifically wondering what will come next. I think, dear reader, you'll go back to Nearness one more than once, wondering exactly what it is you can't quite grasp in fullness, never to solve the puzzle…and that's the secret of Ms. Bruhn's soothingly wily art.


This ballad heavy album shows Bruhn to be a fine lyric interpreter who has a natural jazz feeling and sense of phrasing.
(Jersey Jazz)


Simple is as important as complex and is often more revealing, and Bruhn achieves both beautiful and informative simplicity on Nearness.


 "ENTRANCED" Album Reviews

Mesmerizing, moving music for mellow moods.. Tine Bruhn explores the softer sides of jazz with a highly supportive band.. comfortable and confident.. shapes her phrases into fine work of vocal art.. Tine Bruhn contributes a joyous scat solo..
..she sounds terrific. 
(JazzImprovNY - Dan Bilawsky, June 09)

"An auspicious debut - this is only the beginning. 'Baby Let Me Love You' is one of the outstanding tracks on the album" 
(ejazznews - Ed Blanco, August 09)

Tine Bruhn reveals a vocal texture suggesting a cross between a soprano sax and a flugelhorn with a technique that utilizes uncanny space, economy and dynamics. Nice interplay between Bruhn and the trio. Bruhn's phrasing is nothing short of hypnotic. The tune Har Du Visor Min Vän is the perfect vehicle for Bruhn's unique voice: "Don't talk about music with me. Let the song speak for you". Through Tine Bruhn's crystal clear vocal timbre, they do.
(Jazz.com - Bill Barnes, July 09)

"Wonderful recording, and listeners especially dig 'Tears' and 'Baby, Let Me Love You' " 
(Rob Hoff, Radio Host, Jazz Flight WQLN)

"Raw, elegant, ethereal."
(The Copenhagen Voice)

Tine Bruhn jazz singer extraordinaire.. Her delivery of Search For Peace is stunning! Tine brings the song to the forefront with a cogent performance. Her sidemen provide a nice Miles Davis-esque platform for Tine to ply her talents. 
(George Carroll, Cabaretexchange.com)

Tine Bruhn has a beautiful voice that moves so softly with the music; making you feel all the emotions that the song was meant to deliver. And her delivery, is like the feeling you have right before a first kiss. The anticipation of her next note is chilling. One of her songs on her new album is titled “Close To Nothing” and if you listen to any of Tine's music, you must listen to that song. I like this lady a lot. And she is surrounded by a splendid band as well.
Tine Bruhn's debut album "Entranced" by Inenomis Records is now available on CD Baby. I must get it. 
(by Mike McCabe - thebestindiemusic.com)