Tine Bruhn

Jazz Vocalist // Composer // Arranger

First real blog!

Hi! Welcome to my new cyber home! After a decade or so using a musician's hosting site, I've switched to squarespace and I'm having so much fun exploring this new world! ... One thing that has been on my to-do list for a while is to start a blog.. It sounds so easy, and yet it seems totally overwhelming! What do I write about?? How often?? And who cares anyway!! LOl... Well here we go -- I'm starting, and I'm determined to keep it up!! I'll blog about concerts, music I listen to, restaurants I like, travel stories.... But I have to get the hang of it - so it may not look super cool in the beginning.. hmmmm. I'll get there though!  - I hope I can blog from my phone, otherwise this will never happen! Guess I have some tutorials to read.. But first I'll enjoy a little spring feel in Brooklyn!